How Did I Get Here?

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Do you ever stop mid task and ask yourself how you got to where you are in that moment? I have had that happen to me a few times over the last few months. Since moving out of my home office in 2011 I feel like I have been chasing after too many things. When I worked from home and was only responsible for my own wellbeing I could do … Read More

Latest Indulgence: Camera Drones

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DJI Phanton 4 Unboxing, Setup and First Flight

Camera Drones are nothing new, they have been around for several years now and have become pretty cheap to own. DJI, a Chinese company, popularized the camera drone with their Phantom line of quadcopters. From that, many camera drone companies have spawned and create their own twist on the perfect flying camera. I originally ignored my desire to have a flying camera because of one reason. Like most things, if … Read More

How Wives Can Help Their Husbands Parent Together

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Parenting Together

It’s been a slow go, but I am trying to chip away at the questions that were given to a few of us to answer during a men’s panel that I was on. I thought I would handle the topic of parenting together next. Here is the question: How can a wife help her husband feel that they are parenting together? This question can mean something different depending on your … Read More

Taking a Big Leap

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When I was 20 years old, I decided to take a break from my education and working towards a rather recent goal of pursuing a career in some form of medicine. I had been working in retail management and was not content with corporate retail. I really wanted to start my own business and try things for myself. I had an attempted businesses several times since I was 16 years old. … Read More

What is Most Important For Men in Marriage?

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Couple In Pajamas Brushing Teeth In Bathroom

I struggle even answering this question because it is hard to answer on behalf of all men, “What’s the most important thing for Men to have in their marriage?” All I can do is answer for myself and hope that my response aligns with other men, perhaps some men can chime in down in the comments section. Consistency Men are creatures of habit. At least, I am anyway. I like … Read More

5 Guys vs 100+ Women – Mens Panel

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I was asked, along with five other men, to be on a panel for a women’s group (one of them couldn’t make it today). The group is for women of children who are preschool aged. My wife has been attending this group since our oldest was born. It’s a pretty large group that meets every other week for a couple of hours. It’s called “Mothers of Preschoolers,” you can find out … Read More

He drew on my truck

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As a parent I now understand how annoying it is when your children draw on your dirty car. 

In Search of Success & Freedom

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I have written on the topic of personal freedom many times. Since my early 20’s, my ultimate goal has been to work toward achieving freedom from the regular things that end up tying us down. I have had success and failure along the way through my efforts to achieve personal freedom and have learned a lot along the way. We moved across town this weekend and through that process, I spent … Read More